Backup & Disaster Recovery

How long can your hotel operate without it’s PMS or Email systems? dcs associates suggest the answer is, not long.

Ever thought about how your hotel would recover if it is subject to disaster, this can destroy years worth of data but dcs associates’ Disaster Recovery is designed to have a solution in place for the road to recovery.

dcs associates specialise in providing internal and offsite backup, and disaster recovery services to the hospitality sector.

We are in a unique position having the right combination of experienced hospitality professionals and long serving IT experts.

The problem in the hospitality industry is that in the event of a major IT disaster almost every system stops (PMS, Email, Internet, Telephony etc…) but there are no obvious signs to your guests – except maybe a panic-stricken Front of House team.

Traditional methods of recovery in the event of a sever failure can be as much as 48 Hours. For example, restoring the Windows Server Operating System is a minimum of 3 hours (once on site), Windows Update another 3 (maybe more depending on the Internet speed), installing additional application software required for a user to access the systems takes hours longer. When the Operating System and applications have been installed it is then possible to restore the data from the tapes or media, this can take up to 48 hours.

With dcs associates you can rest assured knowing that backups are carried out reliably and on schedule.

dcs associates use multiple backup techniques to ensure a variety of restore-able media. Our backup systems work on the 321 basis, three different backup methods (one being disk imaging), two different media and one offsite. This allows maximum recovery in minimal time. Disk imaging technology allows for quick recovery, much faster than traditional backup systems.

Safe in our hands.


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